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Online dating has become a popular activity for many people in recent years. There are even those who claim that it was easier for them to find a soulmate through dating apps. All in all, there are so many different online dating platforms. 

It doesn’t matter if you are interested in dating younger people, farmers, Christians, or Muslims. The Internet is full of various dating websites and applications that sometimes can be difficult to decide what to choose. 

Luckily, there are options, and you can choose the specific group of dating websites that meets your needs and requirements. If you want to meet muslim people or check out some of the best muslim dating sites, you are in the right place. 

We decided to list some of the best muslim dating sites in the USA that you can check if you’re searching for a single Muslim. But before that, let’s start with the basics everyone should know before dating. 

Best Muslim Dating Sites in the USA

Tips for Online Dating with a Muslim

It doesn’t matter if you’re dating a muslim man or dating a muslim woman; the rules are the same. When we say rules, we mean religious rules that are an essential part of Muslim lives. Regardless of these religious rules, the tips for online dating are quite similar for all people. 

Here are three tips that can help you if you are struggling to find like-minded partners and you’re not sure where to start. 

1. Be yourself

The most important thing when dating online is to be open and clear about yourself and your intentions. Especially when it comes to muslim dating. Most single muslim dating sites are full of people that search the same thing as you do.  

You just need to be patient and create an honest profile. Be sure to highlight what are your principles, and show who you really are. Just keep in mind that no one wants to see an overly demanding profile that is filtered out so that it doesn’t match anyone.

2. Pictures are important

Although you may think that pictures are not essential for online dating, they are crucial for the first impression. People on muslim online dating sites are a specific group of people that are into serious relationships. 

No one there is looking for a one-night stand or a bit of fun. So you should have in mind that special someone would love to see the color of your eyes, or how wide your smile can go. 

3. Communication is essential for online dating!

When you find someone worth meeting and chatting with, you should consider switching to more private communication. Try not to limit yourself to the chat rooms that exist on Muslim dating websites. 

If that someone is worthy of your attention, show them that you want to take communication to the next level. After all, there are other platforms where you can even see each other via video call. After all, if you like the person you’re chatting with, make an appointment and get to know each other.

muslim couple talking on the phone

Advantages of top Muslim dating sites

If you’re thinking about joining Muslim dating platforms because of the strict Muslim dating rules, just remember that these platforms have significant advantages. Here are some of them:

You will meet people with similar interests!

You won’t have to waste much of your time as a member of specially created Muslim singles dating platforms. All users there have a similar lifestyle and a lot in common. With minimal effort, you can find like-minded people that will understand the secrets of Muslim dating. 

You can date comfortably!

The best thing about dating platforms is the ability to date comfortably. You can always search for local Muslim dating sites and arrange a spontaneous meeting in a local restaurant. You can do all that without having costs and from the comfort of your armchair.  

You may find a lifetime partner!

Since there are Muslim religious rules for dating, most Muslims aren’t interested in short-term or casual dating. So these sites are an excellent opportunity to start some genuine connections and find a serious lifetime partner. 

Best American Muslim dating sites

1. MuzMatch

MuzMatch Muslim dating site

MuzMatch is a dating platform for Muslims looking for someone to connect with without sacrificing their heritage and the values they believe in. This dating website has more than a million active members and strict privacy rules. 

2. Muslima

Muslima dating site

Muslima is probably the largest dating platform with over 4 million active members worldwide. This dating platform is very suitable for both men and women. Registering on Muslima is fast and straightforward, so people only have to connect with someone and start a dating journey.

3. Single Muslim

Single Muslim dating site

Single Muslim is an ideal option for people who are looking to find the love of their life. They have a detailed registration and in-depth questionnaire you need to fill in. Thanks to deep and thorough registrations, Single Muslim has excellent results in perfect matching. 

4. Eharmony

Eharmony Muslim dating site

Eharmony is not strictly a Muslim dating platform, but it has over 60 million active members of different cultures and religions. With such a vast proportion of members and popularity that Eharmony has, many Muslims are joining the Ehartmony community to search for a partner that will understand their religious values. 

5. Qiran

Qiran Muslim dating site

If you were wondering if there are dating sites for divorced Muslims, Qiran is your answer. Besides that, Qiran encourages divorced Muslims to give a second chance to love, and you can also find single people looking for potential marriage partners. 


Finding a lifetime partner that will respect your core values can be challenging. Luckily, there are dating sites where you can look for like-minded people and maybe find the love of your life. Don’t be afraid to give someone a chance. Good luck!


1. What is it like to date a Muslim?

Muslim dating has some rules that need to be respected. Tradition and culture are very important parts of Muslim people’s lives. If you want to date a Muslim, you should know a few things regarding Muslim religion and tradition. 

2. What to expect when dating a Muslim man?

If you want to date a Muslim man, you should know that the dating experience isn’t “typical.” Most men are strict about tradition and religion. This means that your relationship will require a dose of commitment right away. 

3. What a man needs to know before dating a Muslim woman?

Dating a Muslim woman is the same as dating a Muslim man. There’s no significant difference. Women are looking for a man that is compatible and good for marriage. Be prepared to meet your partner’s parents very quickly because it is the family that ultimately approves the relationship.

4. What is the best Muslim dating website?

If you want to find a trustworthy Muslim dating website, you should research every option you have. It is best to check as many Muslim dating sites reviews as possible and read the experiences and opinions of people who have used one of the platforms.