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  • A large database of single people
  • Verified photos and profiles
  • Chat and build relationships
  • Can't send audio messages
Popularity 170 million
Payment type Hight
Safety Hight
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  • Singles nearby
  • Smart matching algorithm
  • Talkative users
  • Can't send photos in private messages
Popularity 30 thousand
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  • A dating platform
  • Compatibility check
  • 24/7 support
  • A lot of push-notifications
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  • Dating for people 30+
  • Quick sign up
  • Search by city and age
  • There are paid subscriptions
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The process of finding the top international dating sites for women can be a long and frustrating one. Jumping from platform to platform trying to find something that fits you while always creating the dating profile from scratch isn’t fun at all.

But don’t give up on online dating yet. In this article, we talk about the main advantages of online dating and the sites that possess these attributes. If you have struggled to find the perfect dating platform or still haven’t given online dating a shot, this article is a must-read.

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into it!

Advantages of best international dating sites for women

It’s safe to say online dating comes with countless benefits. However, since it’s impossible to mention all of them, we’ve decided to mention only the crucial ones that can genuinely transform your dating life.

Best International Dating Sites for Women


  • Large member base

If you haven’t met someone special in real life, maybe this is a sign you should try out online dating. With a large member base, you can meet numerous singles who are open to communication and meeting new people.

From local to international members, you can choose who you want to connect with. After all, communication with foreign people is always easier online than in person.

  • Detailed profiles

Tired of blind dates where your friends set you up with the most incompatible people, so you just end up wasting your time? That won’t happen with online dating. Here, all members have pretty detailed profile descriptions where you can find out more about them.

In addition, sites often have a compatibility feature that shows the level of compatibility between you and other members. Therefore, you can truly count on only meeting people you’re interested in, whether you’re searching for a hookup or serious relationship.

  • Enhanced security

Many people worry about how safe online dating is. Technology is rapidly advancing, which means the security systems are becoming increasingly better and more sophisticated. This means online international dating for females is safe.

However, members are still advised to stay on the lookout for fake profiles and inappropriate behavior, which they are more than welcome to report. That way, the community can also participate in making the online dating environment even safer.

Best International Dating Sites for Women

  • Comfortable dating

When it comes to women, the preparation for first dates is simply ridiculous. From clearing the schedule to doing your hair, makeup, and outfit, the entire day can go by in preparing for a simple dinner.

Don’t waste any more of your free time if you’re not confident your date is a potential partner. Online international dating for single women allows you to date from the comfort of your home and enjoy the relaxed and stress-free dating process.

The four best international dating websites for women

Online dating has come a long way compared to what it was when it first arrived in the mid-1990s. Dating sites have gone through numerous transformations and updates since then. Furthermore, many existing sites disappeared while new ones were launched. Nevertheless, here are four sites that offer the best online international dating for women.

1. eHarmony


As one of the most popular dating sites currently on the market, you can’t go wrong with eHarmony. This is a site that’s fully equipped with all kinds of features available to the members. Furthermore, because there are so many members signed up at eHarmony, you can find a partner whether you’re looking for a casual hookup, serious relationship, or something in between.

2. InternationalCupid


If your ultimate goal is to find a foreign partner with whom you’ll build an international romance, InternationalCupid is the perfect choice for you. As one of the leading sites for online international dating for single girls, there’s truly no better place to meet like-minded singles living abroad.

3. Kismia


Are you looking for a friend, casual hookup, long-term partner, or soulmate? Kismia ensures you find the perfect arrangement with just the right person. With a large and diverse member base, you can easily find what you’re searching for in record-breaking time.

4. Match


Match is a website known to everyone. As the first online dating platform launched way back in 1995, Match continues creating love between its members to this day. A long tradition of matchmaking makes this dating site one of the leaders in online international dating for females.

Even though the website has existed for a long time, the continuous updates ensured Match stays relevant almost 30 years later, mainly for relationship-minded singles and arrangements.

The bottom line

Your choice of a dating platform can largely determine how successful your online dating experience is. Although there are hundreds of popular websites you can choose from today, not all of them deliver high-quality results. Nevertheless, these four dating sites will ensure you have an exciting and successful dating experience, which is why we can’t recommend them enough.

Pick your favorite site today and dive into the adventure!


1. How can I meet like-minded people online?

Dating sites are a perfect choice if you want to meet similar people. By entering detailed information about yourself and completing various quizzes and surveys, you’ll increase your chances of meeting the right one.

2. Is it possible to meet local singles online?

Even though you can meet international members online, you can meet locals too. Simply use a location filter to limit the search results to the desired area.

3. Are online dating sites safe for women?

Thanks to the numerous enhanced safety and privacy systems, online dating has never been more secure. However, it’s still recommended to keep an eye out for fake profiles and inappropriate behavior.

4. When is the perfect time for a first date?

Although there’s no right or wrong answer to this question, most women wait around three months before going on a real date with someone they met online. You can find out more about your potential partner during this period and see whether you’d be a good fit.