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  • A large database of single people
  • Verified photos and profiles
  • Chat and build relationships
  • Can't send audio messages
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  • Singles nearby
  • Smart matching algorithm
  • Talkative users
  • Can't send photos in private messages
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  • A dating platform
  • Compatibility check
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  • Dating for people 30+
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Traditional dating has always been harder for men because it requires a substantial amount of courage and creativity to make the first move and organize a unique date. If you’re someone who’s been struggling with finding a perfect date or coming up with an ideal date plan, you should consider becoming a member of online international dating for singles guys.

Online dating platforms come with numerous benefits and advantages traditional dating can’t offer you. The dating process is easy, stress-free, and exciting.

If you’d like to experience this kind of dating or learn more about the features of online dating, keep reading.

Benefits of online international dating for singles men

Online dating sites come with numerous advantages single men can enjoy, which is why more and more singles decide to try it out. Here are some of the key advantages online dating platforms can provide.

Best International Dating Sites for Men

Large member base

With people becoming less motivated to go out and socialize, visiting a local bar or a club only to find out there are no potential partners can be disappointing. That leaves all single men wondering where they could find someone special. A large international member base of the best international dating sites for men allows you to meet thousands of potential singles in no time.

Welcoming community

Do you have a fear of being rejected? Don’t worry – the welcoming community of dating platforms will ensure you have the most pleasant dating experience.

The members are open-minded and welcoming and will gladly communicate with other users. It’s the ideal opportunity to meet someone if you’re nervous about approaching a potential partner in person. After all, even if someone rejects you online, it’s much easier to process the rejection and keep on searching for your special someone.

Best International Dating Sites for Men

Convenient dating

Are you tired of dressing up and getting ready for those nerve-racking first dates? Moreover, do you spend a lot of money on the date only to find out the person you went out with isn’t the one?

Put a stop to the main disadvantages of traditional dating methods as the best international dating websites for men allow you to date conveniently and without any expenses.

Whether you want to chat with someone from the ultimate comfort of your home or while you’re on the go, you’ll surely find this type of dating relaxing and stress-free.

Exciting dating features

A common misconception about online dating is that it can’t provide the excitement and fun of traditional dating. However, dating platforms come with numerous unique features that’ll make your online dating experience adventurous and memorable. From matchmaking roulettes to compatibility quizzes, there are a lot of features you can try out.

Top 4 online international dating for males

As online dating slowly becomes the preferable dating method for people worldwide, there are more and more dating platforms singles can choose from. Nevertheless, not all these sites offer high-quality features of online dating, which is why we’ve decided to single out the top four ones you should check out.

1. Bumble


Bumble is one of the newer dating platforms that appeared on the market. It quickly became popular worldwide, as it follows quite a unique concept of dating. It’s perfect if you’re tired of making the first move or constantly being rejected by women.

Namely, on Bumble, women must make the first move. They initialize conversations and approach users they’re interested in. For once, you can sit back and meet like-minded singles quickly.

2. InternationalCupid


If you genuinely want to experience the best online international dating for men, we suggest you go with InternationalCupid. The features of this site allow you to meet international singles and create meaningful connections.

It’s ideal for relationship-minded singles who are searching for something serious. Who knows, maybe your love story is awaiting you far away, and you must find it somehow.

3. Kismia


Whether you’re looking for a friend, casual hookup, long-term relationship, or a soulmate, Kismia is here to offer you support and guidance. With a large community, Kismia will ensure you meet someone special. By finding someone who shares similar values, goals, and interests with you, it’ll be easy to connect with the person you meet and create a special bond.

4. eHarmony


The list of the top international dating sites for men wouldn’t be complete without mentioning eHarmony on it. As one of the leading dating platforms on the entire planet, eHarmony never disappoints at creating perfect matches. Their matchmaking algorithm and countless useful features will ensure you have the best dating experience.

The bottom line

There’s no doubt that online dating has been receiving noticeably more attention over the last few years. With technology becoming more sophisticated and dating algorithms more successful, online dating platforms are attracting many singles to join their communities.

If you’re a single man searching for the perfect dating platform, we suggest going with one of the sites mentioned above.


1. How can I meet foreign singles?

Online dating allows you to meet singles from all around the world. If you’re interested in dating someone coming from a different place or culture, online dating sites are your best shot.

2. Can I meet local singles online?

Although you can meet foreigners, that doesn’t mean you can’t meet locals too. By limiting the search results to the desired location, you’ll quickly find users who are located near you.

3. Should I create a detailed profile?

Of course! Your profile is everything you have when dating online, and it’s best to make it as detailed as possible. That way, you’ll help profile visitors get to know you better from the get-go.

4. Is online dating safe?

Online dating platforms use sophisticated and advanced security systems to ensure all their members stay safe at all times, so there’s no need to worry.