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The LGBT community, though many countries are working on making it a part of our everyday lives, is a specific target group without a doubt. Some people frown upon seeing gay and lesbian couples and are still against gay marriage and gay couples adopting children.

Even though everybody has a right to choose what they like and who they will love, we can’t neglect that dating can sometimes be difficult for gay people. Luckily, online dating platforms for gay people made everything easier.

Surveys have shown that more than 55% of people from the LGBT community have tried online dating at some point. 28% of them have found love and created meaningful relationships with the partners they found on online dating websites.

If you are a single lesbian and want to meet another beautiful woman from another country, you should try online international dating for lesbian women. We’ll show you that you’re not alone and that international lesbian dating sites come with a great set of benefits.  

Best International Dating Sites for Lesbians

Benefits of online dating sites for lesbians

Lesbian international online dating comes with a great set of benefits. First, there’s a great source of choices on these online dating platforms, so you’ll never feel short of picks. Second, most of them have large member bases, and someone out there will be online the same as you.

Not to mention that those interested in international dating can’t quite meet people from other countries that often in their local towns, which is why online dating is their only solution. Lesbian online dating is just what makes that possible.

On top of all this, you get to chat with people from the comfort of your home, take your time, and analyze whether someone is your perfect match or not. That’s probably the greatest benefit of these online dating platforms.

There’s no rush, no pressure, and all people online are people from your specific target group. Since meeting people from other countries requires traveling, we recommend that you spend some time leading deep conversations before you hit the road.

Matchmaking systems and advanced messaging features allow you to accomplish just that. All you have to do is lead meaningful conversations with your potential match to be confident they’re worth taking a trip to meet in person.

List of the top lesbian international dating sites

Here’s a list of the top four international lesbian datings sites for single women who don’t always want to meet local people but are interested in finding someone from another country.

1. EliteSingles


EliteSingles is one of the most popular international lesbian websites. As it’s LGBT-friendly, you can meet single lesbians looking for someone who lives abroad. Mind that the site places a great focus on serious relationships, so if you’re looking for just a casual date, EliteSingles may not be a perfect solution for you.

2. eHarmony


eHarmony boasts by saying there are no fake profiles on their platform and no bot accounts. That’s why this website offers better luck at finding perfect matches. Note, however, that eHarmony is not specifically for the LGBT community. If you wish to meet single lesbian women, you have to set a filter for that.

3. PinkCupid


LGBT dating through PinkCupid comes with a set of pros and cons. There’s a quick registration process, and you can start searching for matches immediately after that. There’s an “Online Now” filter that allows you to see who’s available. Unfortunately, for full conversations with your potential match, you need a premium membership.

4. InternationalCupid


At InternationalCupid, you can find beautiful single lesbian women from Eastern Europe, Russia, Latin America, Africa, and Asia looking for an international relationship. It’s an interracial platform for single people and is available in 32 languages. The pricing of InternationalCupid starts at $10 a month.


We hope that our list of lesbian dating websites and their thorough descriptions has helped you narrow down your search and choose the website that suits you the most. It’s essential to be patient and thoroughly examine your potential partner through deep conversations before you set out to meet them in person.

International lesbian dating sites for single women are the best possible way to meet people interested in the same things as you without getting judged. Take your time, find your best pick, and chat away.  Good luck!

FAQ block

1. Is my personal info safe on international dating sites for lesbian women?

The majority of online dating platforms give their best at banning fake profiles and keeping your information safe. However, not even the customer service of your dating site can impact what others do with the information you share with them through DMs. That’s entirely up to you. For this reason, we suggest you spend a lot of time talking to your match before sharing too much info.

2. How can I meet foreign people from international dating sites in person?

The only tricky part about international dating sites is that you have to travel to your future partner, vice-versa, or meet halfway. Even though it may seem complicated to you at first, traveling to meet your soulmate may be the most exciting thing someone can do for love.

3. Are international dating sites for lesbians suitable for relationship-minded people?

In short, yes. All online dating platforms are suitable for those who want a relationship and want to meet like-minded people. The key is to establish a clear preference with your potential match and honestly communicate your priorities right from the beginning.

4. Are there fake profiles on lesbian-friendly international dating sites?

Every online dating site, from literally every target group, be it lesbian dating, dating for big black beautiful women, or dating for busy men, has fake profiles. Unfortunately, they’re sometimes inevitable, even though most online dating sites have strict registration processes.

In such cases, the thing you can do is report the profile that seems fake to you immediately to the customer service. Their representatives will give their best at working out a solution and banning such profiles from the platform.