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Online Asian dating in the USA has been a bit challenging until recently, as there weren’t many dating sites that catered to Asian singles. Of course, numerous generic dating sites are open to everyone, but niche websites offer better chances of meeting people from specific ethnic and racial backgrounds.

But now that you have a plethora of options out there, picking the right platform might seem a bit overwhelming. To save you the time of sifting through dozens of Asian dating site reviews, we’ve done all the legwork and assessed some of the most popular platforms.

Before getting into the top-rated Asian dating sites in the USA, let’s have a look at some of the key benefits you can expect from them.

Benefits of Asian American Online Dating Sites

As the term suggests, Asian dating sites cater to the Asian community. If you’re an Asian living in the USA and you want to date an Asian man or woman, those niche platforms are your best chance of meeting like-minded people familiar with your culture.

If you join a local Asian dating site, you’ll be able to meet people in your area, which is perfect if you don’t want to be in a long-distance relationship. Thanks to various “Asian dating near me” features, you can find local singles for hot Asian dating or a serious relationship before you know it.

Many Asian dating sites in the USA aren’t exclusive to Asians. For instance, American men who like Asian women can join an Asian dating platform and find plenty of potential matches in the Asian community.

Whether you’re looking for subtle Asian dating or you’re more for something serious, there are loads of legitimate Asian dating sites that can meet your needs.

The best part about most of them is that they have brilliant matchmaking algorithms for connecting like-minded individuals. Many even have translation features, making South Asian dating in the USA a breeze.

Top Asian Dating Sites in the USA

Whether you’re looking for online sites for dating Asian women or men in the USA, you have lots of options to choose from. Based on their popularity and user reviews, these are some of the best Asian dating sites you can join if you live in the USA.

1. AsianDating

AsianDating.com site review

AsianDating has been connecting Asian singles and non-Asians seeking an Asian partner for more than two decades now. Currently, it has over 4.5 million users. Thanks to its high-quality translation features, it ensures seamless communication among different language communities.

2. AsianDate

AsianDate site review

AsianDate is perfect for finding a special someone for a serious relationship. It offers free messaging features for single Asian women (live chat and letters), while men need to use tokens to send messages. That’s perhaps why there are more women than men on the platform.

3. AsianD8

AsianD8 dating site

AsianD8 is a British Asian dating platform, but it might help you meet people who tick all your boxes. Who knows, maybe it connects you to your soulmate and transforms your life completely. It’s one of the most popular Asian dating sites out there, especially among younger crowds, so it’s worth a try.

4. EME Hive

EME Hive dating app

EME Hive (formerly EastMeetEast) caters more to Asian singles looking to date Asians, but anyone can join, really. It has more women than men, so it’s ideal for Asian American women dating. All of its features are entirely free for women.

5. AsiaMe

AsiaMe dating site

AsiaMe’s user base is predominantly male, so it’s great for Asian American men dating. Most of the users live in the USA, but many come from all over the world, too. There’s an extensive database of verified users and cutting-edge features for utmost security and privacy.

The Pros and Cons of Asian American Dating Sites

Like any other online dating platform, Asian dating sites have certain benefits and drawbacks. These are some of the most notable to consider.

  • Meeting like-minded Asian singles: Asian dating sites are excellent for meeting attractive Asian singles for casual dating or long-term relationships. If you care about being with someone who shares your cultural upbringing, these platforms are your way to go.
  • Seamless communication: Most Asian dating platforms come with top-notch translation services, so you can always enjoy smooth conversations. You can stay in touch with your matches on the go without anything being lost in translation.
  • Safe online dating: The most reliable platforms provide safety tips for online dating, while some even share the secrets of Asian dating. For instance, they can help you learn more about the Asian culture and teach you how to talk respectfully to an Asian man or woman.
  • Free features for women: Not every single Asian dating site offers free features for women, but some do. All the sites have free signup and several free functionalities for basic accounts, but some are entirely free for single Asian women.
  • Potential scammers: Every dating site comes with fake profiles, although some use top-notch security and privacy features to weed them out. Still, you need to be extra careful when meeting people online, especially when making plans to meet IRL. Don’t share your personal or sensitive information with anyone. If any website requests it, it’s a scam.
  • Not every site has translation features: Translation features can come in pretty handy if you connect with someone who doesn’t speak your language. Unfortunately, not every website offers such advanced capabilities.


Asian dating sites have become quite popular in the USA, so you can expect more of them to keep popping up. Check out the five above, as they have a proven track record of success. Play around with their features for free to pick the right platform for your needs and enjoy seamless Asian dating online.


1. What is the best Asian dating site?

Every Asian dating site is unique, so there’s no single best option for everyone. The five websites above are some of the most preferred in the Asian community, so check them out to see how they fit your needs.

2. What to know before dating an Asian man?

Learn as much as you can about Asian culture so that you can know how to respect your partner’s traditions. Most Asian men are romantic but don’t like PDA. Many even seek their parents’ approval, so you might have to hit it off with his family before developing a serious relationship.

3. What to watch out for when dating an Asian girl?

Asian girls are attentive, intuitive, honest, and uphold their cultural values. They appreciate loyalty and sincerity, so always be truthful. If you meet your Asian girlfriend’s parents, they might initially give you the cold shoulder, but don’t let that discourage you. Be respectful and let them get to know you.

4. How to talk with an Asian man you’re dating online?

Talk with your Asian partner just like you would with any close friend. Keep his culture in mind and anything that may be considered offensive, and just be yourself.